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Mapleton-Fall Creek Infrastructure Improvements

The Mapleton-Fall Creek neighborhood has been the recipient of a good deal of projects with the aim to improve the neighborhood’s aesthetics and infrastructure. For this post, I will cover 3 of these projects.

Perhaps the most important undertaking is the conversion of Central Avenue from a one way to a two way street in the neighborhood. In addition, the street has been repaved, and the sidewalks repaired.  Here is a look at the first layer of pavement along with the new sidewalks near 30th and Central:

Next, the Unleavened Bread Cafe has received a facade repair grant from LISC, and has built a community garden.


Finally, the Double 8 at Fairfield and Park is installing a rain garden in their parking lot. More info on that project can be seen on this sheet:

Another major recent undertaking was the invasive plant removal along Fall Creek Boulevard during the Lilly Day of Service, but I was unable to get photos of the project.

Mapleton-Fall Creek has a rich history, as seen by this photo of 30th and Central from the Historic Indianapolis website.   The neighborhood has been largely forgotten by most redevelopment efforts in the past.  Hopefully a return to a 2 way Central Avenue, along with these other improvements, can help bring new energy to the neighborhood.

14 Responses to “ “Mapleton-Fall Creek Infrastructure Improvements”

  1. Chris Corr says:

    They’re also hoping to paint a sunflower mural on the side of the Unleavened Bread building, next to the garden. Here’s a link to the fundraising effort:
    Here’s the idea behind the sunflowers: “Since our site is a brownfield, the design speaks to the practice of growing sunflowers in contaminated land in order to remediate it and make it healthy once again.”

  2. Chris Barnett says:

    Quick…what’s wrong with the infrastructure in the second picture? 🙁

  3. Tim says:

    What part of Central was converted to 2 way? The pics still look like a one way to me

  4. ivo says:

    Pure awesome! love to see this happening on Central!

  5. Brandon says:

    Love this!!

  6. Micah says:

    Hopefully, converting these desolate one way streets back to 2-way will be a trend for the future. Central Ave has never had a good vibe because it’s one-way nature. Now REZONE INDY needs to help fill in the huge gaps. Too bad this didn’t happen 10 years ago

  7. Indymoon says:

    Interesting historic photo. It looks like the building with the Coca-Cola sign is now the Unleavened Bread building. Too bad the interesting W.E. Mick building is gone.

  8. Idyllic Indy says:

    The historic photo in the link is quite amazing. I never imagined that intersection might’ve looked like that, with all that hustle and bustle. This is the type of activity that our urban neighborhoods need to once again be vibrant and sustainable for the 21st century.

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