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Would you still vote for your Representative?

As the days tick by in 2012, we inch closer to the 2013 legislative session. Wheels are in motion to again convince state lawmakers to allow the Central Indiana region to levy a tax on ourselves for local transit funding. Last February, HB1073, which would have moved the transit tax closer to reality, went down in flames 11-10; collateral damage in the right to work fight.

City Council members on Lynx light rail (image source: Zach Adamson via twitter)

City Council members on Lynx light rail (image source: Zach Adamson via twitter)

Regional stakeholders continue to build a plan to renew this effort in the 2013 legislature. Just yesterday, the Indianapolis Star reported that Mayor Ballard was in Charlotte, touring their light rail and bus system along with a host of city council members and state legislators. Will this effort bear fruit? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, it is useful for groups such as Urban Indy to test the waters. Today’s question is this:

If your legislator puts forth a vote allowing a local referendum on transit, would you still vote for him or her in the event that they run for re-election?

4 Responses to “ “Would you still vote for your Representative?”

  1. Matthew Hall says:

    I’ve never voted for my representative. I vote, but my candidate have always lost.

  2. Zach Adamson says:

    I’d question voting for them again if they did NOT.

  3. Tim Chip says:

    I agree with Zach %100.000.

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