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MDC and IHPC Quick Hits 12/14/11

Here’s what I’ve come across in Metropolitan Development Commission (MDC) and Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission (IHPC) filings as of 12/14/11 (click links to read staff reports on these cases):

1. BZA II 12/13/11 and Plat Committee 12/14/11 – As previously reported, the Broad Ripple Village Parking Garage is up for zoning variances and vacation of air and subterranean rights. Variances related to setbacks, parking space size and a bank drive-through were heard by the Board of Zoning Appeals II yesterday and were approved. Today, the Plat Committee will hear a case related to vacating subterranean rights around the garage site for structural footers, as well as vacating air rights beginning 17′ up from the sidewalk for portions of the decorative facade that will protrude several feet from the garage structure. Staff recommends approval with a stipulation that no signage may be attached to the facade in the section where air rights are vacated.

This cross section of the Broad Ripple Village Parking Garage shows the foundation and facade treatment extending beyond the edge of the garage structure.

Note: “MDC and IHPC Quick Hits” is not comprehensive coverage of all cases before the Metropolitan Development Commission and Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission. If we missed a noteworthy case in a recent filing, let everybody know in the comments section.

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2 Responses to “ “MDC and IHPC Quick Hits 12/14/11”

  1. ahow628 says:

    Mozzo, on the site of the old BMV on Virginia got the greenlight.

  2. Curt Ailes says:

    I wonder when actual earth moving will begin for The Mozzo. Pretty anxious to see that project begin to take shape.

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