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GM Plant: A Bit of History

Last week, I met with Eric Fulford of NINebark to discuss his research regarding the General Motors plant near downtown. He was gracious enough to share with me some current and historic photos of the facility. I was not aware that the factory was not just another metal-sided affair, but instead was originally intended to be a light-filled space by Albert Kahn. A detailed history can be found in the sixth picture of the gallery below. This plaque is intended to be installed on an extension of the White River Greenway.
Many thanks to Eric for his sharing of this intriguing information. We both agreed that we would love to see this space restored to continue on a new chapter, and serve as a base for workers in the community for the manufacturing of energy efficient or green power generating durable goods.

3 Responses to “ “GM Plant: A Bit of History”

  1. Ric says:

    Good find. I’ve been to the abandoned Packard plant and some of Kahn’s other metro Detroit plants. It’s interesting to see how community-centered manufacturing plants used to be.

  2. Crossed Wires says:

    Hello Kevin,
    Can you identify your reference source for Albert Kahn being the architect on this building?

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