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McOuat Building

The scaffolding is off the McOuat Building on Washington Street, and the transformation is fantastic. This place has been vacant for as long as I’ve been working downtown, and it’s great to see the care taken to show off the building’s details. You can read more about this project on the IBJ.

5 Responses to “ “McOuat Building”

  1. Curt Ailes says:

    This is nothing short of AWESOME. The restoration has been performed in a manner that everyone involved should be proud of. This biulding looks great now

  2. Wow! Its like night and day; for so long I wondered to myself when they were going to utilize this building…

  3. Andrew Troemner says:

    Now, to just get rid of the surface parking lot directly across the street…

  4. Bill says:

    As one of the McOuat descendants still living in Indy, I’m thrilled to see it restored!

  5. a McOuat also says:

    I too am a decendant….I just found this online…wlw

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