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(PARK)ing Day, Indianapolis

Next Friday, a group known as Architecture for Humanity is hosting  Indianapolis’ version of (PARK)ing Day.  This idea was first noted on this blog back in 2007, and I’ve often wondered if this could ever happen here.  Well, I can wonder no more, as it actually took place last year:

Photo Credit: http://afhindy.wordpress.com/galleries/2009-parking-day-28/

Parking Day, 2009

The group ensures that its efforts aren’t temporary.  This year, the group will disassemble the park and rebuild it in the Reagan Park neighborhood at 23rd and Guilford Avenue.  The park will also feature shading material from the RCA Dome in a collaboration with People for Urban Progress.

I plan on attending the PARKing Day event at Borders next Friday.  I’m excited to see what they create this year.

5 Responses to “ “(PARK)ing Day, Indianapolis”

  1. Brett Hoover says:


    Thanks for the kind words! We’ll see you on PARK(ing) Day on Meridian…


  2. This is absolutely one of my favorite events for cities. These architects are reminding us that our current street designs are depressing, but there are simple ways to make them better!

  3. Curt Ailes says:

    Carmel took back some of their streets. Not quite in the same fashion as (PARK)ing day will, but at least someone in the region is looking at how to take the streets back and give them to pedestrians.

  4. Chris Barnett says:

    Hmm. One wonders if the new City Parking Agreement would result in major fines or rental costs for future “PARKing Days.”

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