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Spring’s around the corner

I’ve been trying to think of a good topic for my second post of the week. The one thing that I can’t get out of my mind is that on Saturday, we should have our best weather day so far in 2010. I plan on getting outside and reacquainting myself with the city beyond my daily routine. Hopefully I can take some neighborhood pics and post them on here as well. We’ve had a real winter this year, and while I can appreciate that, it will make Spring seem even sweeter. Time to get back on the bicycle and hit the streets.

2 Responses to “ “Spring’s around the corner”

  1. CorrND says:

    Seriously, I can't wait to get back to biking to work. I'm a fair weather biker.

  2. Kevin says:

    Ya, I'm fair weather too. I have great admiration for those who aren't.

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