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Oliver and Warren

This is an offset corner, so I had to take some liberties with it. It seems that Hoffa’s Silver Cafe has been renamed Fatso’s. I’m glad they didn’t remove that great sign, though.

These are on the south side.  I love these buildings:

Back to the north side:

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3 Responses to “ “Oliver and Warren”

  1. WYA! says:

    We love that Cafe picture- we don’t think we’ve ever been at that intersection.

  2. mheidelberger says:

    Oliver and Warren was definitely a great choice. I definitely applaud the owner of the building for keeping the old sign up.

  3. Kevin says:

    I nominate this strip to become the Next Fountain Square. There are more great buildings down the way a bit. It would be great to see a SEND-type organization for Oliver. This street is obviously quite close to downtown.

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