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Monument Circle Going Car Free For 2012 Super Bowl

In a fitting turn of events, the decision to pedestrianize Monument Circle has come full circle with the announcement that Indianapolis’s premiere public space will be closed off to auto travel during the week-long run-up to the Super Bowl next February.  According to Super Bowl Host Committee CEO Allison Melangton, the Committee is trying to raise money for a major entertainment endeavor on Monument Circle prior to the Super Bowl that would close the space to vehicular traffic, turning the Circle into a pedestrian mall.  According to Melangton, the Circle would be used for music...
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100th post for 2009: In praise of Monument Circle

In this blog, I have spent a good deal of time talking about areas for improvement and new proposals. However, I have not properly addressed the place that works best in this city, Monument Circle. It is the historic focal point that basically shuns most of the traffic-based planning decisions that have been common throughout the rest of the city. The bricks, along with the tall Monument itself, cause a visual cue for vehicles to slow down. There are no stop signs, or traffic lights. Many of the buildings that face the Monument curve to provide a wall, to make it feel like you are in an...
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