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Through the magic of twitter, I discovered that Curt from Huston Street Racing was at BRICS the same night that I visited. He beat me to the punch with his post, but I won’t let that stop me. There is a lot to love with BRICS. It’s good ice cream, so it’s hard to go wrong, but there’s much more than that to the story. BRICS reuses the long abandoned Monon Train Station, and there are reminders of this history throughout the shop. The interior is clean and attractive, and features something I’ve never seen before: A single rotary turning two separate fan blades,...
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Proposal for Bank One Operations Center

This proposal has been floating around the web and on Skyscraper City, but I have yet to post it here. This is the site plan: They are planning on reusing the frame of the operation center, because it was built with enough strength to withstand armored truck deliveries. The development group, Milhaus, has a relatively new blog that I have added to my links. I hope they can get started on this project soon. That block is so bleak at this point that any sign of progress would be welcomed. Hopefully, another project could come in some day to fill in that last surface parking...
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Broad Ripple Parking Solution: Circulator Bus

On April 1st, the Broad Ripple Facebook fan page posted about a new large parking garage located on College Avenue. The post was simply an April Fools joke, but it unleashed a barrage of excited replies. Naturally, I found this frustrating. I imagine that many of the people who are longing for a parking garage don’t want to actually pay for their spot. There are plenty of $5 lots around the area that have empty spaces, and I doubt if a garage would be much cheaper than that for an all-night spot. In addition, one can always park along the street to the south a few blocks away and walk....
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Babe Denny and South Meridian Street

According to the latest issue of Urban Times, South Meridan Street has begun to make a push to attract more visitors. They’ve added a new Farmers Market on Tuesday evening, which is a good idea to serve the people who can’t make it to the typical lunch-hour markets around the city. One look at the street configuration of the South Meridian district displays what the promoters are up against: The red line is the path one has to travel to get from the Slippery Noodle on Meridian to Iozzo’s Garden on Meridian. The other angled street between McCarty and Merrill Street feed in to...
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IMA Art and Nature Park

I may be about the last blogger to report on the new IMA Art and Nature Park. IBJ has a good run-down of the national coverage the park has received. I visited this park by riding my bike down the Canal Towpath, which is an underrated asset of this city. Perhaps it will become better known with this new prominent public space. I started my tour off at the Visitor’s center, which is located a bit off the main area due to its requirement to be able to stay dry in the event of a 100-year flood. It hasn’t received much press, but it’s an attractive modern structure: The...
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