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Urban Indy is a collaborative blog featuring authors with a passion for urban design in Indianapolis.

The Blog Team:

Curtis Ailes, from Huston Street Racing

Chris Corr, from DIG-B

Kirsten Eamon-Shine, from Middle West Meals

Kevin Kastner, Creator of Urban Indy

Jason Larrison, from Circle and Squares

Greg Meckstroth, from Urban Out

Emily Neitzel from Corn Stalks and City Blocks

Scott Russell, from Go Indy Go

Graeme Sharpe, from A Place of Sense

Jim Walker, from Big Car Gallery

While we will cover many topics, these four main themes will be the backbone of this blog:

  • Sensible neighborhood redevelopment
  • An improved mass transit system
  • Increased pedestrian mobility
  • Maintaining the momentum behind our burgeoning bicycle culture

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.

Limited permission has been given to Urban Indy by contributors to use, publish, and retain submitted content.  Original authors retain all rights to content.