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One Up, One Down…

There was a recent petition to demolish the old gymnasium building at 625 S Meridian to be replaced with…a surface parking lot, which was modified to be a “plaza”. This building is within the Regional Center, but not within an IHPC district, so it will likely be approved.



Somewhat ironically, a new petition as submitted for Regional Center Approval for a new building immediately adjacent to the above. These are separate lots and, I believe, separate owners, but it is sad to think that, in essentially the exact same location, it doesn’t make sense to re-purpose an existing building when there is clearly demand for additional square footage. I will say, the new building being proposed is actually quite nice and one of the better looking buildings proposed in a while.

4 Responses to “ “One Up, One Down…”

  1. Thomas Williams says:

    Think the north elevation is rather bulky, why not at least clip back the top on the corners similar to base. Would think it would be more appealing.

  2. Tom says:

    The old Wood High School Gymnasium is coming down right now (10/25/2018). Kind of a mid 60’s era building. Hopefully this will open up a prime new piece of real estate for future development. That area has good potential for new start-up companies with its links to the Union 525 Complex.

  3. Barryundek says:

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  4. wts says:

    aside from the striped brick and the castle tower thing it’s decent. sucks the gym will be demolished to add to the litany of surface lots we have.

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