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Downtown Hotel Proposed for Meridian and South Street

The Regional Center Board has heard a proposal for a new hotel, to be located at the corner of Meridian and South Streets. This area of downtown is currently a massive parking lot crater, so the infill would be welcome here. Unfortunately, the land use and design of the hotel leaves a bit to be desired:
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This is basically a parking garage with a small hotel attached to the top of it. The portion of the site plan dedicated to street level parking is entirely too high at this location. I suppose a positive argument for providing this much parking is that there is so much other land nearby that can also be developed, so those other project won’t need to provide as many spaces.

There certainly are worse hotel designs around Lucas Oil Stadium. And there are better ones as well. Hopefully, this proposal can be improved upon before it is constructed.


12 Responses to “ “Downtown Hotel Proposed for Meridian and South Street”

  1. Jon says:

    That is a lot of massing without a lot of height…..downtown. This has about the same density as the old Marriott on 465/Shadeland.

    No thank you.

  2. Urban dweller says:

    That’s a lot of bulk but little class.

  3. tyler says:

    It’s an attempt i guess. Big chunky mf. A little too much of it consists of faceless parking garage. Better than the two hotels west of Lucas oil

  4. WalterINDY says:

    I think they will run into some problems with the new ReZone parking requirements that do not allow street level parking to front the street in this location. At least I hope so.

    Pretty bland first draft.

    • Chris Corr says:

      Alas, this is not a first draft. The Regional Center Hearing Examiner officially approved these plans AS SHOWN on 4/14/16.

    • T says:

      it’s ok, they’ll probably follow it with a BS caveat that it can be “future retail”….. just like Omni did with their BS box that darkened and canyonized an entire street in louisville

  5. Harold Walker says:

    Looks like a lot of Starwood Aloft properties.

  6. Tony Jackson says:

    No significant creativity and design here , I would have looked nice if it was at least 10 11 or 15 floors and straight up built with a lot of glass and or curved like the jw. But with a dark black or blue type glass , but oh well heck whatever it’s Indy.

  7. Tony Jackson says:

    Re post It would have looked nice if , re post to my first comment haha.

  8. GarBo says:

    Good grief. That’s awful.

  9. jack says:

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