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IndyGo’s Route Changes: Part II

This is a follow up to Thursday’s post on IndyGo’s proposed route changes. I believe these images contain all of the rest of the changes, although I could be missing something.  Apologies for the poor photos, the lighting in The Hall is challenging.











Here’s a brief summary of some of the major changes shown above:

  • St. Vincent will go past Butler’s Campus.
  • Shelby will travel down Virginia.
  • Route 5 is split in half and the western portion becomes route 6.
  • Route 8 stays on Washington Street downtown instead of heading north to Ohio.
  • The Red Line circulator has been eliminated
  • Finally, a general rule is if you see a line that isn’t black, mentally cut off the appendage and stay on the main route.


3 Responses to “ “IndyGo’s Route Changes: Part II”

  1. Update: IndyGo has posted the route changes online.

  2. carolyn collins says:

    I have been riding the 21 to and from work for the last twenty years. Can you tell me the change this route is going to make.

    • Other than eliminating the downtown loop, it looks like the only major change is the route will continue straight across 21st Street instead of going south to 16th at Franklin Road. Here’s the link to all the routes.

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