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Real Time Bus Tracking: The Green Line

Urban Indy has been talking about the possibility real-time bus tracking for IndyGo for several years. The newest hope for commuters is a Fall 2014 release date.  However, this morning, The Huffington Post mentioned a company known as DoubleMap that provides real-time bus tracking for IUPUI, Bloomington Transit, and many other systems.  Their online maps are high quality.  Compare IUPUI’s original look to the one that they have now:

IUPUI Bus Map circa 2011

IUPUI Bus Map circa 2014

IUPUI Bus Map circa 2014

Another pleasant surprise from DoubleMap is the real-time version of the Green Line Indianapolis Airport bus.  Two years ago I rode the original IndyGo Green Line, which was later bought out by a private firm. Unsurprisingly, the price has been raised from $7 to $10 a trip.  However, at least the service still exists.


Green Line Airport Bus

DoubleMap is located in Indianapolis in the Fletcher Place neighborhood.  According to the article in the Indianapolis Business Journal, IndyGo has decided to go with an international firm known as Trapeze Group to provide their tracking services. Time will tell how the IndyGo app will look and feel for users, but it is great to know that a local firm is making a big splash in real-time transit tracking.

6 Responses to “ “Real Time Bus Tracking: The Green Line”

  1. Really enjoy your articles. Would like to invite you to the office. I’d also like to share with you some additional information. Thanks


  2. Brandon says:

    This is such a great line to have in place for travelers. As a convention city I believe that this route addition was a must. Maybe someday this could be a rail!!

  3. ahow628 says:

    Peter, that is amazing you guys are in my hood (FP). Best of luck on your work. Being a map nerd, I would love to check out your operation.

  4. Tem says:

    The Lafayette bus company uses Doublemap. It works really really well.


  5. Jeffrey C says:

    $10 for the Green Line is still a good deal considering Carey limo is going to be $25 with tip for shared ride and a cap from downtown averages $40-$50.

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