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Next Round of Public Meetings from Indy Connect

Indy Connect may not have succeeded at the State House this year, but that has not stopped them from attempting to move forward with Bus Rapid Transit options for Indianapolis.  Here is the schedule for the next round of public meetings, discussing potential Red, Green, and Blue Line routes:


I hope to be able to attend the meeting downtown at the Artsgarden next Tuesday to find out more information.

3 Responses to “ “Next Round of Public Meetings from Indy Connect”

  1. Pat Stout says:

    Please keep those of us not in the area up to date on the details and the public’s reception to these more definitive routes.

  2. ivo says:

    heard there would be updated route maps uploaded to indyconnect.org
    did some looking but haven’t found them.
    anyone have a link yet?

  3. Kevin says:

    Look at the Studies section.

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