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One of the Oldest Commercial Buildings in City Coming Back to Life

The long vacant structure at 42 East Washington Street is finally seeing some quality redevelopment work.  The building, which could even date to 1846, will soon contain a sculpture gallery on its first floor, and perhaps a second floor use.

13 - 4

The building with the mismatched facade, next to the Libertine.

13 - 1 (1)

13 - 2 (1)

A view from Pennsylvania Street to show the building peaking up above, along with its ghost sign.

13 - 3

The upper floors of this building have been largely vacant for at least 40 years, as seen in this article on Historic Indianapolis. I have not yet heard about plans for the top 3 floors, but the rendering on the window shows a 4 floor building. It is possible that the top floor has deteriorated beyond repair. Still, it is good to see some care taken for this rare link to pre-Civil War Indianapolis.

4 Responses to “ “One of the Oldest Commercial Buildings in City Coming Back to Life”

  1. Joe Smoker says:


    The rendering on the door, though not visible in these photos, indicates the top floors will be used as apartments…….

    • Thanks Joe, I didn’t really get a good look at it because there were people inside the building, pretty close to the window. I tend to get skittish in those situations.

  2. Moochie says:

    According to a comment left on IBJ’s property lines blog, the 5th floor of this building will be removed. Apparently, it was added on in the late 1800’s or early 1900’s, and is stressing the foundations


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