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Jane Jacobs Walk with Big Car


Urban Indy is proud to sponsor an upcoming Jane Jacobs walk in the Garfield Park neighborhood with the Big Car organization.  Indy’s version of the nationwide initiative takes place on May 4th at 10 AM.  Registration and more information for the event can be found at this website.  I’ll be taking part in the 3 mile walk with my wife and 2 year-old daughter.  Other Urban Indy collaborators may also be joining along.  Come along and chat with us, as we aim to reflect on our current built environment, as well as ways to improve upon it.

2 Responses to “ “Jane Jacobs Walk with Big Car”

  1. Aidan says:

    The same day as the mini? Is that the best option?

    • The scheduling was done by Big Car, and that is the weekend for Jane Jacobs walks around the country. I realize that we might miss out on some walkers due to the mini.

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