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Fountain Square Walking Tour

A couple weekends ago, I had the good fortune of having some professional lenses in the household. I was able to get out into a setting of my choice for a little while and I chose Fountain Square, a neighborhood undergoing tremendous change right now. Take a look at some of the photos that I was able to capture while walking around for 20 minutes.

If anybody would enjoy a similar guided trip around different spots in Indy, I have been considering putting together a series of walking tours of different neighborhoods or special areas worthy of photographs. I am thinking maybe 2 to 4 hours. We all meet at a specific place, plot out where we are headed and off we go. I assist with photo taking, composition, camera options and at the end, we all sit down over beer or coffee and show off our best captures from the tour. If this sounds appealing, post a comment. It is something I think would be fun, and would give some of you readers a chance to meet us, hang out, or tell us how much we suck while still getting some great photography tips.

Onto the photos. Enjoy!

16 Responses to “ “Fountain Square Walking Tour”

  1. Greg Wagoner says:

    Sounds good. I’m in!

  2. Dave Ciskowski says:

    I’d be interested, Curt – sounds like fun!

  3. Matt Stone says:

    The Irvington area might be a good place to do one of these in.

  4. christopher. says:

    I’d totally be down for something like this.

  5. Chris Barnett says:

    Add “Suburban” Irvington: Pleasant Run Trail from English Ave. (west of Christian Park) to Ellenberger. Wild and Scenic Center Township. You almost forget you’re in a city.
    Tour could start in the middle of Irvington, loop south through the historic part, then west to Christian Park past some landmark houses and a school, back up to Ellenberger, and south to an ending at either Jockamo’s or Black Acre. 5-6 mile hike. 2-4 hours with stops for photos. Ped-Bike friendly.
    I’m on that one.

  6. Another good one could be Butler University/Canal Towpath/IMA.

  7. Mark Whelpley says:

    Would really enjoy joining a photo tour. Please keep us posted!

  8. Chris Barnett says:

    Missed it until just now: shouldn’t a directional sign to a nearby park on Shelby point toward Garfield Park instead of Christian Park?

  9. Ben Houle says:

    If I could get a kitchen-pass, I would definitely be interested!

  10. John Howard says:

    The Pleasant Run trail does indeed meander its way to Christian Park.

  11. Jeffrey C says:

    Those bike barriers are so ugly and unnecessary. They really look hideous in what is otherwise becoming a very fun area.

    • John Howard says:

      I agree. I think they were a mistake. Numerous posts have been replaced already from vehicles damaging them.

      I find the northbound bike route awkward, having to cross over and stay out of traffic’s way while getting into the ‘track’. Plus, the posts are high enough that it’s hard for cars and cyclists to see each other. The posts form an almost solid black barrier you cannot see past when you are looking down the street a half block or more.

      And motorists don’t seem very aware of anyone riding northbound. They are focused on southbound cars as they leave parking lots or side streets.

      It’s nice having a completely separate area in which to ride but esthetically they don’t help the area at all.

  12. Robb says:

    I’d be interested.

  13. Lesly says:

    I will soon be moving to Indy with my 10 year old son and husband from Charleston SC.
    I LOVE the biker friendly urban design and am hoping to find a home that will be close to downtown in a older neighborhood that his interesting architecturally and culturally.
    Since I have only visited once I would love to get ideas from Indy residents like yourselves.
    Thanks from hot and steamy Charleston.

    • John Howard says:

      There are several choices. Fountain Square, of course, or just north of there is Holy Rosary still farther, Holy Cross. A little farther south is Bates-Hendricks and Garfield Park.

      I will let someone from other points of the compass cover their turf.

      And there are lots of great homes in between the historical neighborhood outlines.

      Finally, having grown up in Beech Grove, I can say it’s a nice place to live with low crime but rising taxes. Athough not one of the hip, young urban magnet areas it is close to most everything.

    • ahow628 says:

      Hi Lesly,

      My family lives in Fletcher Place (which includes Holy Rosary, mentioned by John). I highly recommend it. When we bought our current place, we were also actively looking in Fountain Square north of Prospect, Holy Cross, and Woodruff Place. You can find some amazing deals if you want to put a little work in. There aren’t as many restored or new places, but they are available.

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