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Friday Fun: The new Jos. A Bank downtown

Man, what a difference removing a tacked-on facade from the 1970’s can make!  The revitalization of a few long-downtrodden blocks along East Washington Street is one of the more interesting developments of the past few years.  The Cultural Trail along here seems to be helping draw more foot traffic as well.  Here’s a reminder of what this building looked like during renovation:

I’ve longed for this stretch of historic buildings to be revitalized, and it seems to be finally taking shape.  People are taking ownership and pride in Indianapolis’s Main Street.

3 Responses to “ “Friday Fun: The new Jos. A Bank downtown”

  1. Joe says:

    Let’s make an UI store front! haha

  2. Its all falling into place on this section of Washington Street, now about that one loose end. The literal loose end of a vacant lot to the immediate left of the building.

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