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Friday Fun

Why yes, it is a building.

I’ve always loved this.  Corner of Ohio and Delaware.

9 Responses to “ “Friday Fun”

  1. Curt Ailes says:

    No sir, you CANNOT buy a door/frame combination like that at Lowes….

  2. Jamison says:

    You know what is not fun?!?! This city’s crazy bike lanes!!!

    Sorry….I couldn’t resist.

  3. John Howard says:

    Here’s my quiz: Can you navigate from the Emmis building north to Market Street? If you can, you will pass the ‘Test’.

  4. John M says:

    That’s one of the coolest buildings downtown, in my opinion. Lots of very nice detailing, some of which is visible in the photo.

  5. CrossedWires says:

    The Test building is on the Circle, now called the Lacy building I believe. The building in the picture is the former building once owned by John Irish, now owned by Crown Liquors. Just Hair is also a tenant. Previous street level tenants included Just Cards, Roasters, and the long forgotten Cofffee Zon.

  6. CrossedWires says:

    Go into Crown Liquors and they have some history plaques on the building. I believe it was once a Dental School building before IU bought the school and located it to their campus.

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