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Weekend Fun: The Best Smelling Alley in Town

Rarely does a person wander through an alley in the city and ask “what smells so good?” One of the installed artworks along the Cultural Trail has a rose scent emanating from under the framework pictured above.  I dig it.

6 Responses to “ “Weekend Fun: The Best Smelling Alley in Town”

  1. Jeffrey C says:

    I love the idea, but that is the most sickening perfumey scent that just engulfs you.

  2. Kris Davidson says:

    I hope it doesn’t smell like church lady.

  3. Chris Barnett says:

    Brought to you by Febreeze? 🙂

  4. ahow628@gmail.com says:

    Hmm. Ran through there yesterday and knelt down to smell it. Didn’t smell like anything to me…

  5. It does seem to vary in intensity for some reason.

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