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Stop Work Order posted at the Di Rimini

Stop Work Order

Stop Work Order

If you are a regular reader, than you are familiar with the ongoing saga of the Di Rimini apartment compex located at 733 N Capitol Ave in downtown Indianapolis. A quick recap: In September of 2009, The Di Rimini under the name of Sarajo Commons submitted plans to the Indianapolis MDC and were accepted after negotiations to meet the new regional center design guidelines.

St. Clair Street Frontage on 9/27/2010

St. Clair Street Frontage on 9/27/2010

Construction started in early 2010 on the parcel of land with foundation work that was quickly followed by wood framework rising out of the ground. Last month, a review by the city uncovered 35 zoning violations. Urban Indy was first to report on this matter with a much more in depth analysis by Cory Schouten of the IBJ the same week which made the front page of the print edition.

Order Forbidding Occupancy

Order Forbidding Occupancy

Yesterday, the city issued a stop work order and an order forbidding occupancy. (Both images shown in this post). What this means at this point, is unclear and a legal battle could be brewing over the apartment complex developer’s lack of willingness to comply with it’s original submitted plans.

As stated before, we will continue to keep you posted as details are made public.

6 Responses to “ “Stop Work Order posted at the Di Rimini”

  1. Jon says:

    +1 for indy! stay strong thru the end!

  2. Now it is getting interesting!

  3. Arch Fan says:

    I have watched them work on this building the last two days. I hope nobody gets hurt, wouldn’t the city be liable for not enforcing the stop work order?

  4. cdc guy says:

    Obviously the threat of a $2,500 fine isn’t sufficiently scary to the contractors involved. I wonder if they can lose their licenses or insurance?

  5. My opinion on the Di Rimini stoppage is that even thoe the project wasn”t up to snuff, at least the developer is trying his best to deliver a better product , And yes the new renderings look a lot better ,from D- to a B- ,that with some cool land scapeing, mirrow type sculptures like the new ones put up along the culture trail and some cool art work/photoes and trees could make this project go from bad to good

  6. Arch Fan says:

    Site has been quite busy today! about four police cars, 2 fire marshall’s, and 2 code compliance city vehicles.

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