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Washington Court

Washington Court is a pedestrian street of Four Square houses from the Arts and Crafts-era located in Meridian Park neighborhood.   The only access for vehicles is located behind the houses along the alley, as seen here.

I think I drove down Washington Boulevard well over 100 times before one day a few years ago, when I noticed this little sign:

The next time I ventured down Washington Blvd, I made sure to pay more attention to the block.  And it is worth a visit.  The court is quiet, and features benches and small lights.  And, of course, the houses are gorgeous:

2 Responses to “ “Washington Court”

  1. Tobie says:

    I used to live in the 3100 block of Wash Blvd. Is this near the area you speak of ?
    Thank you for reminding us of the benefits of walkable streets.

  2. Yes, I think this is the next block to the north. Thanks for visiting!

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