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An abandoned SoBro building meets the shovel

46th & Ralston Demolition

46th & Ralston Demolition

A long standing eyesore on 46th street was demolished this week. A church located at 46th & Ralston Ave that has been standing unfinished for AT LEAST two and a half years now, was mowed down by a Caterpillar excavator. I have previously reported on this structure (here & here) indicating that it was scheduled for demolition this summer. The owner’s of the church reportedly ran out of funds to continue building and like many other structures over time, simply left it standing without the means to go back. To clarify, this structure was scheduled for demolition by the owners of the property, and not by the city. As a taxpayer, it is nice to see owners of their own land taking care of it, instead of the city taking out bonds to demolish structures. At least a few bucks were saved here.

46th & Ralston Demolition

46th & Ralston Demolition

As a resident of this neighborhood, I am anxious to see what will happen with this lot. Previously some neighbors had suggested that it would make a great space for a neighborhood garden. However, there would be some roadblocks inherent in making that happen. So for now, we watch and wait.

4 Responses to “ “An abandoned SoBro building meets the shovel”

  1. Kirsten says:

    I just saw this on my way home. A neighborhood garden would be great – ideally with raised beds, given this corner’s long-term exposure to roadside pollutants.

  2. Ralston isn’t a particular prominent or busy street at this location, is it? If so, it would probably be too value of real estate to sit fallow for long (if the current owners sell). Is it big enough of a parcel to fit more than one single-family home? Sure looks like it.

  3. Curt Ailes says:

    Ralston isnt a busy or prominent street anywhere in the city to the best of my knowledge.

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