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IMA Art and Nature Park

I may be about the last blogger to report on the new IMA Art and Nature Park. IBJ has a good run-down of the national coverage the park has received. I visited this park by riding my bike down the Canal Towpath, which is an underrated asset of this city. Perhaps it will become better known with this new prominent public space. I started my tour off at the Visitor’s center, which is located a bit off the main area due to its requirement to be able to stay dry in the event of a 100-year flood. It hasn’t received much press, but it’s an attractive modern structure: The...
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Cultural Trail: Walnut Street thoughts

Yesterday, I finally had a chance to walk the newest section of the Cultural Trail along Walnut Street. Unfortunately, I was without my camera, but visuals will be better if I wait until the unveiling of the Glick Peace Walk. The Walnut Street portion of the trail has a different feel than the completed Alabama Street portion. The street itself is narrow and lightly trafficked by vehicles. It’s closed to autos now, but there still won’t be many when it opens back up. This helps to give the pedestrian a feeling of safety and ownership of the space. This also makes it a fine choice for...
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Jefferson Apartments

Recently, the city unveiled a renovation of Jefferson Apartments on East 10th Street, which is intended to become a home ownership incubator. The picture of the finished building in the article (which I can no longer find) intrigued me, so I made a mental note to stop by to see for myself. Google Street View actually allows 2 different views of the property. This one was taken before any renovation took place: Same corner, under construction: Finished project today: Here you can see how it connects with the older structure: Bus Stop/Bench/Bike...
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Generic Facades Masking our History

The remodel of the former H&H Mart on Washington Street for this redevelopment project has unveiled a simple, but intriguing, historic detail. I almost couldn’t wait to get a good look at it for myself after I found out about it: Here’s the McOuat building next door, also undergoing renovation: With the sudden glimpse of detail that the city had been deprived of, one has to wonder what is hiding behind our other stone coverings at street level. We have 2 such claddings at Meridian and Washington (i.e. the exact center of the city): There are 2 more of these one block to the...
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Fountain Square was Buzzing on First Friday

Fountain Square’s business district has come quite a long way since my first visit less than a decade ago. There is much more to the neighborhood than restaurants, but they are a decent indicator of the change that has taken place there. If I recall correctly, here is a list of the restaurants that were around on that first visit: Santorini’s, in the building across from Fountain Square TheatreFountain Square DinerA place called Something DifferentPeppy’sJ.S. Reutz Café (which has re-opened on Prospect 7 years later)That 936 Bistro place where Siam Square is now That’s all...
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