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Parking Lot Density

This parking lot stood out to me when I visited some friends in their new office. Some of the cars in the back have 5 cars in front of them, and getting them out of there must be like a sliding block puzzle. The lot is located just north of Market Street, on Wabash Street. Social Media ...
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Amazing before and after

A house in my neighborhood underwent an amazing transformation, and I didn’t even know it was happening at the time. Often I walked past this house and thought it was pretty shabby: I had no clue of its potential. One day recently I noticed it was completely different: It’s hard to believe it’s the same place. Kudos to the folks who brought this house back to life. These are the transformations that help me appreciate living in a place with a bit of history. Social Media ...
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Alleys serve an essential function in residential neighborhoods. They house the less attractive, but essential, necessities: garages, utility poles, trash cans and more. If it weren’t for alleys, these would all be fronting the street. This alley a block from my house has to be one of the nicest in the area. Nicely paved and well kept by residents, it isn’t a bad place at all to take a stroll for a change of pace. Most of the garages are meant for one car: Social Media ...
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