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Keep pushing for Indy Connect

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood made a surprise appearance at the National Bike Summit in Washington DC. The Secretary made a strong pitch for diversified transportation options, as the Streetsblog article does a fine job of highlighting. This is another sign to me that the time is right for Indy Connect. To be honest, improvements like Indy Connect probably could have happened 20 years ago, but perhaps a benefit to our traditional Hoosier conservative approach is that we can also learn from other cities’ progress and pitfalls. One way that I think we have learned is by starting out the...
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Placemaking session on Mass Ave

Public Sessions on placemaking on Mass Ave are set for March 25th, according to Urban Times. It is critical to make our reasonably successful public spaces even better, to serve as a catalyst for future positive investments in the area. A critical need is to close the gap between the 400 and 600 blocks, as proposed by this new development. Placemaking will be easier with more places to visit.
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Spring’s around the corner

I’ve been trying to think of a good topic for my second post of the week. The one thing that I can’t get out of my mind is that on Saturday, we should have our best weather day so far in 2010. I plan on getting outside and reacquainting myself with the city beyond my daily routine. Hopefully I can take some neighborhood pics and post them on here as well. We’ve had a real winter this year, and while I can appreciate that, it will make Spring seem even sweeter. Time to get back on the bicycle and hit the streets.
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In-Street Light Rail vs. Streetcar

In this editorial in the Indy Star, there is a mention of in-street light rail along Washington Street, which prompted me to ponder the difference between in-street light rail and streetcars. I did a bit of research on the issue to see if I could clear this up. I have to mention that I used Wikipedia, but I don’t mind that website on non-controversial issues such as this. There is also a nice comparison that I found (via google) that originated in the City of Tucson, although this features a dedicated right-of-way, as opposed to the in-street variety proposed in Indianapolis’ long-range...
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