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It’s Always Cloudy on Keystone Avenue

This is the best this stretch of Keystone can look: Keystone Avenue is a tough place to love. It is similar to newer automobile-based commercial strips, with a few differences: Utility poles in the sidewalks. Actually, that makes 2 differences, in that there are actually sidewalks on Keystone. But with the utility poles crowding the landscape, it is simply unattractive. Most of the buildings are smaller and closer to the street, so it’s actually a bit less spread out than current development patterns dictate. The commercial stretch of Keystone Avenue is in a state of fluctuation, and it...
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GIS Nerd Alert!

If you’ve clicked my profile, you’ve seen that I’m a GIS Technician. I have a Geography degree, which is why I find space and place so important. Today I found this fascinating article on the New York Times about the use of GIS in finding little unused public spaces, which, when added up, make up a sizable amount of the city’s footprint. I believe it’s an important topic for our city to consider, as I can bet that Indianapolis has more than its fair share of mini-wastelands.
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Update on Near Eastside Investment

There were a few reports last night regarding the Near Eastside Investment project. Here’s are some links: WRTV, including video. Star WISH WTHR, including video. As most are aware, I love the potential of East 10th Street. Our densest commerial street deserves this...
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More fun with zoning

This article on the Star is yet another example of our misplaced priorities with regards to zoning. Let’s go down a quick list of why this is ridiculous to fight: Gives Eastside residents a much-needed place to work. Helps the city’s tax base. A green business that can be called on as a future asset. The abandoned factories and warehouses in the area dwarf the size and scope of Cornett’s planned expansion. They are good neighbors. Google Street View actually has evidence of this. Notice the change in the building: Before, and After. The good news is that Cornett has desire and...
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Heads up: Near-eastside neighborhood redevelopment

This little blurb is so short that I can quote it in full. The announcement will take place Monday at 10 am at Brookside Elementary School. Thanks to Thundermutt for the heads up. The 2012 Indianapolis Super Bowl Host Committee next week will be among six groups announcing a new investment in a local neighborhood. The funding is expected to assist in the funding of affordable-housing and commercial development in the targeted area. Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard and officials from State Farm Insurance Company and the John H. Boner Community Center will also...
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