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Farming in White River State Park

Slow Food USA has posted a feature article on local farmers who have made a successful push to install an edible public garden in the WRSP grounds. This should be a fine opportunity to educate children and adults alike on the multiple benefits of locally-sourced products.
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Indy Connect Justification Number 2:

Property Lines has posted about an abandoned apartment building due to be redeveloped that has hit a snag due to our infamous off-street parking requirements. How many of our historic buildings were lost due to parking? How many more sit vacant for the same reason? Instead of more people living in a part of Meridian Street that is hoping to be redeveloped, it will continue to sit vacant until an alternative solution is found for automobiles, despite the fact that the building is already surrounded by parking...
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IndyGo’s Dropped Routes Impacts Everyone

This morning’s commute via IndyGo was much longer than normal. IndyGo dropped the bus service that ran on College Avenue every 15 minutes during rush hour, which in turn added additional riders (and time) to my normally on-schedule morning commute. This has caused me to rethink my bus ride as a practical matter. If I were to stop riding the bus due to its possibly daily delays, that would add yet another car to the street, and other dedicated riders might do the same. If that doesn’t seem like a big deal, this picture places this in context. This would, in turn, add time to other...
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Transit Unveiling Links

I have to admit, this is much larger than I had anticipated. Here is a list of pertinent sites to get you refreshed on this project. The project’s main site that was unveiled today, Indy Connect. Make sure to check out the map and watch the video. A few links from the Star’s coverage: here and here. The IBJ’s coverage: here and here. WTHR, including video. Circles and Squares gives a thumbs up. A more muted reaction on The Transport...
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Big day for Transportation tomorrow?

There’s been some buzzing on Facebook, Skyscraper City, and Twitter that CIRTA will unveil their vision for transportation planning in Central Indiana tomorrow morning. Stay tuned here and on Huston Street Racing to find out the details.
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