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Join the Indiana Complete Streets campaign

Health by Design has launched a campaign to push for a complete streets bill in the Statehouse. The state could use this effort to give citizens safe and diverse options when traveling.
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Just for kicks, my German Train Story

New blog Huston Street Racing has started an excellent series regarding the case for rail transit in Indianapolis. In replying, I found my own post on my train trip to DC, and noticed that I mentioned I may eventually talk about my favorite train story from my trip to Germany in 2002. So, here it is: I was in a group with 3 other people in Frankfurt. We went to the train station with the intention of traveling north through the Rhine Valley, with no particular destination in mind. The helpful ticket attendant recommended taking a train to the small town of Bingen (with a transfer in an even smaller...
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Mixed Signals

The city recently improved the sidewalk infrastructure during redevelopment of the Fall Creek neighborhood for Phase IV of the project. Amazingly, the project also increased the turning radii on most of the side streets, which serves to increase the speed of vehicles. (Note, the new street edge is shown in red). This snapshot shows just two of the affected intersections, but there are many more. It’s yet another mixed signal that we are sending, along with West 16th street and the insanely huge Washington Street interchange: we can give you sidewalks, as long as we continue to give more space...
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