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Intersection in need of a re-design: Delaware and Fall Creek

If you’ve ever traveled this intersection in anything but a car, you know what I’m talking about here. The sidewalks end just south of Fall Creek Boulevard, only to reappear one block to the north. (Sidewalks are colored maroon). It’s no safer for cyclists: I’ve ridden in a bicycle north on Delaware towards Washington Boulevard, and pretty much felt like this. I’m not sure how we could reconfigure this intersection to be friendlier for all users, but it is currently a major barrier between Fall Creek Place and Mapleton-Fall...
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Chatham Center Market

It’s been a good week of people contacting me and giving me juicy information. Larry Jones sent me a proposal (warning, file will expire within 14 days or 500 downloads) to host a permanent community market in the Chatham Center building. The meeting before the IHPC board takes place February 3rd at 5:30 pm in the City County Building’s Assembly room.
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Fountain Square update

Last month, I posted some concerns that I had regarding the Fountain Square project. In the comments, I was contacted by the firm responsible for the redesign. Last Friday I met with Eric Fulford from NINebark, along with Paul Baumgarten of SEND, and they brought renderings of their vision for the project. There’s also a longer PDF of the groups long-term vision (warning, this link is only live for 14 days or 500 downloads). They were gracious enough to let me post the square’s renderings here: They also assured me that the removal of the parking lane along Prospect Street was only...
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Navel Gazing update: Urban Indy has a facebook fanpage

I created a facebook fan page for this website. I’m hoping it can be a space where sharing of information is easier. Many people out there know more about projects and initiatives than I do, so I’m hoping it can be a communal effort. If something juicy is posted on the fan page, I can blog about it here. We’ll see if this works…
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Nice article on repair shops in the Star

This article on repair shops around town touches on a topic that I have not yet covered. I admit I’m not always the best at looking to repair something and fall in to the common trap of planned obsolescence. With so many new goods available at our fingertips, and household items that are built cheaply, I often lose sight of the idea that I should value the quality items that I do have. Perhaps this will be my belated New Years Resolution: next time something that I value breaks or wears down, I’m going to first look to repair it before buying something...
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