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Placemaking In Meridian Kessler, part II

Time for the next installment of Placemaking. The following are 10 places that don’t work in Meridian-Kessler 1. Former video store at 52nd and College. Suburban design that requires an unattractive illuminated street sign in order to see what is in the store, because the building is set back from the street much farther than the rest of the commercial buildings on the block. 2. No bike lanes (yet). This is less of an issue because the area is served by the nearby Monon Trail. 3. Cheap Fast Food restaurants near 38th and College. Unfortunately, these are the only places in the area that many...
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Placemaking In Meridian Kessler, part I

Inspired by this post on A Place of Sense, I decided to try my hand at similar one for my neighborhood, Meridian-Kessler. I will start with 10 places that work, and post 10 places that don’t work and 10 opportunities for growth in the near future. These are listed in no particular order. 10 places that work: 1. Yats. A neighborhood institution that has thrived without its own parking lot. The restaurant itself is a model of efficiency, but also proves that efficiency doesn’t have to be boring. 2. The Monon Trail. I’m not sure what I would have done without the excellent bike...
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Prospect and State

Took advantage of the great weather on Friday to visit one of my favorite corners in town. Southwest: Southeast: Northwest: Northeast: More perspectives on the corners: Some nice tiled details: The saloon is on the National Register: Hope the bar can get back in...
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Amazing Oblique Image Circa 1933

Found on this thread on Skyscraper City. I’m not sure if I’ve seen a picture from this era with better detail or as wide of a...
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Binford and 71st: looking to add density?

Here’s an intriguing presentation by Schneider Engineering and the MPO. I believe that shifting the development away from Binford Avenue and towards Graham Road is an elegant solution that could be attained with less headaches and cost. If this proposal ever sees the light of day, I wonder if it would be the first attempt at urbanizing a currently car-based intersection in Indianapolis that lies beyond the old city limits. I know of one somewhat similar project in the city of Lawrence. If anybody here knows of any others, please mention this in the...
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