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Indy’s Car-based Development History claims another victim

An interesting aside has been posted on the Cultural Trail thread on the Skyscraper City forum. Apparently the Trailside proposal is being stalled due to concerns over the parking situation. Poster Ablerock makes a keen observation when he mentions that the businesses in that section have complained for years about their lack of visibility, yet when a proposal comes along to increase the neighborhood’s density, they automatically fear the impact from the apartment dweller’s automobiles. After viewing the proposal, it looks like a building that would be a decent addition. The scale would...
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Update on the 22nd and Monon area

Smart Growth Indy recently held a community workshop regarding the area near 22nd and the Monon Trail. They have posted this neighborhood restoration guide. This project has the potential to be a model for other similar areas around the city, similar to the way that we can now point to Fall Creek Place as a reasonable success.
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East Market Street: Reopened

On Thursday, I revisited East Market Street, as the project had been completed. I started at East Street and walked towards the Holy Cross Neighborhood. Heidelberger Papers beat me to the punch in posting this, but the more the merrier, I say. I like the benches and even the trash cans. The lamps don’t excite me much. I love that the ivy on this building is completely red: Intersection with Park: Intersection with College, featuring new planters:Planter close-up: Newly painted railroad bridge: Break on through, to the other side. The other side in this case meaning the other side of the...
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