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Health By Design and Project for Public Spaces: Inspiring Collaboration

Last night I attended the event titled Neighborhoods: Inspiring Place, Improving Health that featured Ethan Kent from Project for Public Spaces. Mr. Kent made a fine presentation, but the real star of the evening was the collaboration that took place afterwards regarding several key issues that are facing Indianapolis, such as transportation, crime, and sprawl. I was inspired to work on making this blog more social and to encourage other people to contribute to it (not just comment, but post content). I obviously don’t know everything that is going on in Indy, and adding more voices could make this blog more dynamic. I’m looking forward to hearing from the group that I met at the event, and hopefully they will feel comfortable in this setting.

5 Responses to “ “Health By Design and Project for Public Spaces: Inspiring Collaboration”

  1. Ken Moorhead says:

    I'm not throwing my name in the hat with this, but am glad to see more people taking an interest in having multiple contributors to their blog. For a topic like Urban Indy, this is definitely a good approach. I enjoy reading your posts, keep up the work!

  2. Sara Therese says:

    I too enjoyed the event and look forward seeing some of the ideas roll into action. I wasn't part of your group, but you're in my Reader! 🙂

  3. Curt says:

    I took your idea and ran with it. This weekend, covered two social events and wrote about it. You inspired me Kevin! Thanks and keep up the good work

  4. Kevin says:

    Very nice Curt. Unfortunately I have yet to hear from the people I met that night

  5. Curt says:

    Dont give up. Sometimes it takes a little while to turn people. We all know this hard fact living in Indy. 😉

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