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Recreational Hinterland: My go-to spot

The Urbanophile’s guest post on Recreational Hinterlands has inspired me to take a bit of a detour from my usual posts on urban structures and transit . This post reminded me that I had not spent much time in the woods this year. And, as usual, one place in particular calls my name: Shades State Park. Shades is unique for many reasons. It is barely an hour from Indianapolis, yet you can walk on trail after trail in almost complete solitude. There are many different trails through the narrow ravines, so that you can descend towards Sugar Creek in one valley, and ascend back to the park...
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Brookside Parkway and Olney

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done a post on a corner building. This is located on the southeast corner of Brookside Parkway and Olney. I’ve been disc golfing quite a bit lately, and this building stands out in a mostly residential area. There’s a barber shop/convenience store located in this building, and I’m glad to see some activity in it. The building for Brookside Park on the north side of the street. The southwest corner is a single-family...
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College Avenue nodes adding new business

Hoosier Beer Geek has written about the new venture for Upland Beer, located at the corner of 49th and College. The blog mentions that Upland wants to be a part of an up-and-coming neighborhood, and to be away from the Broad Ripple party scene. I’d imagine that the rent for the space is quite a bit cheaper, as well. Also, chef Greg Hardesty is looking to add a new restaurant on the opposite corner. At 46th street, a long neglected building on the northeast corner is getting a facelift from an unlikely source: an Indonesian Restaurant. I visited the restaurant last weekend and talked to the...
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Play "spot the differences" with a building

One of the cool parts about waiting for the bus downtown is that the stop is located along a stretch of Delaware Avenue with varied, interesting buildings. My favorite is this one: At first look, it’s repeats a pattern. However, there are many subtle differences within the facade. It’s basically a “spot the differences”...
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