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Intriguing photos from Mass Ave’s Recent Past

The Riley Area Development website has a large collection of photos from Mass Ave dating from the late 1980s-to-1990, when it was just starting its rebirth. They are good to revisit from time to time to reset your mental frame about what is possible in a relatively short period of time. My favorite is the photo of the short-lived “Apartment Bridge” over East Street. Brutalist architecture that only a dictator could love.
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Star Editorial on Mass Transit

The Indy Star has laid out a decent defense of continual funding for the possibly doomed commuter bus lines. The main point of the article is that the region needs to fund permanent lines. Permanence is absolutely critical, whether it be a Light Rail line or Bus Rapid Transit. One way to give riders a sense of permanence would by to transform the current park-and-ride lots in to Transit Oriented Development. Then the stations could at least contain a funding mechanism through taxes. It would be a shame to see this reasonably successful venture fall by the wayside because we lack the vision and will...
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16th and Alabama

A couple of neat buildings are at this intersection. The southwest corner: Southeast Corner:Back to the Southwest. This building was being refurbished, but for now only the neat facade stands: Detail on the southwest corner building: Northwest Corner:A little farther afield, the newly remodled Walsingham building on 16th and Delaware: The northeast corner is a parking...
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Good Weekend Part II, the Fall version

Each year, it amazes me how some of the best events that the city has to offer fall on the same 2 weekends every year: one in the Spring, and one in the Fall. I don’t know if these events should be spread out more throughout the year, but I do know that it can be difficult to prioritize, and there’s been a few times where I had previous arrangements and had to take a big red X to my imaginary calendar. Still, if I am in town, it’s almost fun to try to do as much as possible. Here’s a quick list. If there’s anything else you know about that I’ve missed, feel free...
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Big Car Gallery’s intriguing new venture

Local Art blog On the Cusp has posted a press release from Big Car Gallery regarding a new grant they have procured. They plan on using the funds to spotlight Indy neighborhoods through a community arts series titled Made For Each Other. Be sure to check out all of the photo galleries and the slide show on a community center known as Miracle Place on the Near East Side.
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