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Ball State’s Transit Exhibit *UPDATE*

Finally! I really needed to get to this exhibit. According to the link, they close shop on August 22nd.

Anyways, it contains a large amount of thought-provoking panels, centered around a vision of a light rail line from Noblesville to Union Station. I didn’t photograph all of the panels, but I’ve included many of them to give you a good idea of the scope.

A personal favorite…an old streetcar and bus system map:
More panels:

I’m having a difficult time summarizing this exhibit. The skeptic in me knows that this will never happen, especially to this detail. The idealist in me doesn’t really care about that, and wishes that we could at least have it as a goal.
Update: According to Cirta’s Ehren Bingaman, today is the last day for the exhibit. Bummer.

6 Responses to “ “Ball State’s Transit Exhibit *UPDATE*”

  1. CorrND says:

    AMEN to your last sentence.

    I need to get to this exhibit.

  2. mheidelberger says:

    This looks like an awesome exhibit!

  3. Christopher says:

    we need to get loud about this.

  4. Kevin says:

    Corr and MH: Go if you can. They aren't open on weekends, though. They're open from 8 to 4, I believe. I actually visited it 2 times (the first without a camera), and neither time did I see another person there that didn't work there. It hasn't been promoted enough.

    Christopher: My lil' blog will do what it can, along with your blog, and the People for Urban Progress. I'm hoping to meet with them next week in Fountain Square.

  5. Charles says:

    It is an awesome exhibit. I agree that people need to get loud about this. I wonder if there are any other venues for this type of an exhibit.

  6. Drawings and Documents Archive says:

    Thank you for promoting this interesting exhibit and the BSU Drawings and Documents Archive's blog! Expect more to come on this subject.

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