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New Links

I’ve added a few new links for your perusal:

The Ball State Architecture Archive is dedicated to connecting our history with the present day. I plan on visiting this exhibit when I have a chance, and blogging about it. It looks great from the other side of the window. Note to anyone who wishes to visit them: Call them in advance.

The IMA Blog. Not really new, but they deserve to be linked.

Where’s Indygo? A neat little tool for a person who wants to locate a bus.

Also, the Indy Food Co-op seems to be rounding in to shape.

2 Responses to “ “New Links”

  1. bhorg says:

    Awesome link for IndyGo. It would be nice if there was a GPS locator and we had legitimate frequency.

  2. Kevin says:

    I'm with you on both points. Instead we get fare increases and service "enhancements", i.e. cutbacks.

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