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West Newton, Moorsville, and Monrovia

Last night my wife and I ate dinner at Zydeco’s in Mooresville. The food was tasty. Here are some shots of the nearby region. First, West Newton, an enclave in Indianapolis: Next, Mooresville. I liked that a few of the buildings had the first and last names on them: Finally, the wife’s hometown, Monrovia. In the race between the two of us for the smallest hometown, her Monrovia wins against my Roanoke, 628 to 1,495: They’re having a festival the weekend of September 12: Nice new sidewalk infrastructure here at the corner next to this beautiful...
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Basic Roots, Part II

Last year I posted about our CSA, Basic Roots, which delivers to our door once a month. I figured it was time for another update. This one features quite a bit more produce than the last one. Pictured above are: 6 eggs from Robin’s Nest in Camby Spaghetti squash 2 ears of corn from Waterman’s Farm in Indy Watermelon from Simmon’s Winery in Columbus Tomatillos One Jalapeno Plums from Anderson Orchard in Mooresville A variety of Tomatos Rainbow Bell Peppers Garlic from Rush County Lemon Cucumbers (named for their color and not their taste). Apples Slender eggplants A coupon for...
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Did Interstates cause the end of acceptible transit in Indy?

I have been thinking more about this map that I posted last week that features Indy’s transit system in 1945. The map is a bit unclear in my photo, so I will explain it for you here. Red lines are the streetcarsBlack lines are trackless trolleysThe difficult-to-see green lines are buses. One thing that really jumps out to me is that Indianapolis’ grid actually looks like a city, instead of the jumble of disconnected areas that we have currently. Another thing to notice is that there are very few regions that are more than a few blocks from a transit line of some sort. Urban Freeways were...
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Site Update

You can now reach this page via http://www.urbanindy.com. The old bookmarks that you have will still link here.
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Ball State’s Transit Exhibit *UPDATE*

Finally! I really needed to get to this exhibit. According to the link, they close shop on August 22nd. Anyways, it contains a large amount of thought-provoking panels, centered around a vision of a light rail line from Noblesville to Union Station. I didn’t photograph all of the panels, but I’ve included many of them to give you a good idea of the scope. A personal favorite…an old streetcar and bus system map: More panels: I’m having a difficult time summarizing this exhibit. The skeptic in me knows that this will never happen, especially to this detail. The idealist...
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