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Brownfield Redevelopment

Yesterday morning, I met with Chris Harrell, the Brownfield Redevelopment Coordinator for the City of Indianapolis. Chris is energetic and visionary, and it’s good to have someone like him involved with community redevelopment. Here is a brief run down of the projects that I learned about in this conversation. His favorite completed project was the conversion of the abandoned Ertal Manufacturing Corporation into Major Tool and Machine’s new headquarters on Dr. Andrew J Brown and 19th Street, which has helped retain 250 jobs which would have been lost to Ohio, and has even created 49 more...
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Wind Indiana Conference

I have been alerted about the upcoming Wind Power conference at the Indiana Convention Center. I’m posting it here for anyone interested in attending.
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Green Burials

This is a bit of an odd topic for this blog, but after driving past Washington Park North’s grounds, and seeing a banner that said “ask us about green burials”, I decided to do some more research, and found this article and this webpage. I have personally been hoping for something like this in Indianapolis, and I thought I would mention it here in case anyone else was interested.
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Boulevard Place and Crown Hill

Last Friday, a few friends and I biked down Boulevard Place to Crown Hill Cemetery.  Boulevard Place has 2 nice corners, separated by only 2 blocks. First, 42nd Street.  The former Boulevard Place Cafe, which has sadly closed its doors: The southwest corner:Next, 40th Street.  The Southeast corner: Northwest Corner: Southwest Corner: Northeast corner.  Unlike many inner-city corners built on 2 relatively minor streets, this one is pretty well activated, and only has one empty building.  But it’s a decent-looking one:  One block east on 40th, there is a former Masonic Hall....
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Local Food Culture Continues Improvement

I promised Graeme in my last post that I would have something more upbeat. I was looking for answers, and it hit me as I ate my wonderful fresh salad at the downtown Farmer’s Market: This is it. Our downtown market is now featuring prepared meals utilizing our local produce, which I had been clamoring for. Aside from the salads, you can get fantastic homemade tamales, local sausages, and a wider variety of pastries (those that know me know that my sweet tooth is unrivaled). Outside of the farmers market, there are other positive new developments. The Earth House Cafe serves solid sandwiches,...
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