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The Bus Life

Wednesday morning, I decided to document my typical bus journey. My pick-up point:54th St: Had to get an interior shot. It’s usually pretty empty when I board: This is almost a cool shot:42nd St: Shot while the bus is turning on to Mass Ave: The Argyle: Bad photo of the Murat: Here’s where I leave the bus on Ohio...
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Side Street City

I tend to focus my blog on the city’s corridors, as well as the odd neighborhood corner containing historic structures. However, I’d be willing to bet a majority of the people within the IPS district actually live in houses located on quiet side streets. And, in many cases, these are the streets that can carry with them a large burden of neglect and crime. It may be that the city simply can not handle the sheer volume of them to keep them all up-to-date, which is yet another drawback from our sprawl. We can’t count on outright miracles such as the Extreme Home Makeover project. ...
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A moment of weakness

I finally broke down and signed up for Twitter. Don’t worry, I’ll try to keep laughing at videos such as this. My hope is that this doesn’t take away from my blogging. I’ve had a few posts recently that were almost twitter length.
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Idea for the downtown Farmer’s Market

Last Saturday, I finally visited the Bloomington Farmer’s Market. I had always wondered from afar what had separated it from ours. The main thing I noticed right away were the large, permanent structures which the vendors could take cover in on a rainy day. Indianapolis has the vendors supply their own flimsy tents, and for whatever reason, this year has been especially rainy on Wednesdays. The patio on the west end of the market is a bit under-utilized, and I think permanent covers could be constructed there, to finally give people the impression that the city is making a commitment to...
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Non-Local: Good Magazine

I’ve added a link to Good Magazine in my non-local resources section. The blog features a good deal of innovative topics, graphics, and maps. A few months ago, I bought the Transportation Issue, and was quite impressed. These are the forward-thinking people we will need to tap.
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