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Good Weekend coming up

A few fun events are happening this weekend, and it looks like we’ll have good weather to enjoy them. Even more amazing is that all of them feature free admission. The Talbot Street Art Fair is tomorrow. Nearby is the Independent Music and Art Fair. The Italian Festival in Fletcher Place takes place both tonight and tomorrow. Broad Ripple features the Teen Art and Music Festival. The Indy Pride Parade enlivens Massachusetts Avenue. This is always my favorite time of the year. When people have a chance to get out of their cars and mingle among other people, a buzz is created, and we...
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Revisiting the Polk Milk Stables

Remember this building from the Monon Trail? Here is what it looked like on Sunday: The great old sign has been removed.  I did some investigative work and noticed that the sign has been dismantled and is sitting on pallets.  You can barely make out the “K” in Polk here.  It’s on the slab that is a bit lighter in color than the rest of the cinder blocks: I imagine that this is just a restoration.  However, I still believe that it justifies the documentation work that Heidelberger Papers and I have done around the city.  If you see a cool, neglected place, it might not...
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College Avenue proves The Infrastructurist’s point

This article on the Infrastructurist promoting streetcar investment has caused me to think about our past streetcar network in the city. The article isn’t exactly even-handed; however, you can still see the residue of our past investment along College Avenue, with the most obvious being the stretch between 16th Street and Broad Ripple Avenues. Multi-use buildings dot the corners every 2 to 4 blocks, and are supported by a decent network of sidewalks. It is unfortunate that the area to the south of 44th Street has seen a long period of disinvestment, but the remnants that remain could have...
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Catching Up

I’m back, still catching up on the items that I have missed. Here’s a quick rundown (that readers of this blog have already seen). More info on the area near 22nd Street and the Monon, including a possible new pedestrian path. A sign of hope for the former Bank One on East Washington Street. This could be big. Yet more new downtown apartments, this time at 707 E North Street. And finally, more info on the new buildings planned for the Barton and Lugar towers. So, it seems like I’ve missed quite a bit. Please mention in the comments if there any other stories that I did not...
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