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On Vacation

I’ll be away from the blogging world for the next two weeks.  As always, thanks for reading and interacting.
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2 exciting new schools to open soon

Green Piece Indianapolis has highlighted 2 new schools that will open in the near future. Both are worthy of mention here. The Indianapolis Early Learning Center will focus on pre-school education. Located in a formerly run-down home on West 30th Street, the school will focus on jump starting a young person’s interest in nature. The Paramount School of Excellence will focus on Kindergarten through 8th Grade. Located in the former Brookside Masonic Lodge, the grounds of the school will feature a wind turbine and a...
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Historic Enclave: Lawrence

I know, it’s weird to term a city of almost 40,000 an enclave. However, I find it interesting that the historic center of Lawrence is not well known, as the most of the “downtown” has shifted to the Fort Benjamin Harrison area at 56th and Post.  The historic center is at 46th and Franklin...
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Crown Point

We stopped in Crown Point on the way to Chicago. I was impressed by the town square, as it seemed more lively and populated than many others in the state. And, of course, the historic courthouse is impressive: I love this theater.  I’m imagining it’s historic, with a remodel from the 1970’s.  Totally unique.There were quite a few motorcycles about: Quaint: This picture didn’t turn out great, but I was amused by the fact that the door to the Accountants Office (in the lower right of the picture) is directly underneath the banner for the Zombie Club.  Zombie...
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Chicago’s Inspiration

Earlier this week, I was fortunate enough to stay for 3 nights in downtown Chicago. A Chicago trip always trips my urbanist triggers, and this time was no different. Comparing Indianapolis and Chicago is a futile pursuit, but that doesn’t mean I don’t do this while I’m there. Fortunately, I’ve come away with some inspiration that can apply to our city. Each Bus Stop has the map of its route posted. This would be a nice way to give people an idea of where the buses travel without needing to find a guide or the internet. Still, we probably should re-design our routes first...
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