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Spring in Golden Hill

Golden Hill is a secluded neighborhood that manages to still be located in Center Township.  It’s an interesting place for a walk, with narrow winding streets and no sidewalks.  It’s obviously one of the first car-based suburbs in this city. This is a little park:Houses: No, this isn’t California, but you could have fooled me: At the neighborhood’s southern edge, the stone pillars frame humble houses that are located outside of the...
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Unexpected bike lane: Westlane Road

On our way out to New Augusta last Saturday, we traveled down Westlane Road. I was quite surprised to find that it has a dedicated bike lane, complete with signs, running down a length of it. I didn’t catch the beginning or end points, but I would guess that it was over a mile long. Amazingly, I can not find much information about this bike lane on the web. So I thought I would mention it here. Another note: it did look slightly dangerous, as there was no sidewalk, and the edge of the lane trailed off into a ditch.
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Historic Enclave: New Augusta

This is the first of a new series featuring historic enclaves within Marion County.  New Augusta, located on 71st Street, has managed to maintain a pleasant small town atmosphere a few steps to the north east of a busy intersection with Georgetown Road.  In short, this town is gorgeous: Ah, if only I had money: A good number of the houses are from the Victorian age: Blue on blue: Great church with newly repaired copper spire: Pic with both the church and commercial building: My wife took this nice...
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Randomly Miscellaneous

Haven’t had a link thread in a while. Here’s a quick round-up: Unsung Indy has launched, shedding light on 5 lesser-known Indianapolis Neighborhoods. I like the potential for this site. This interview with Christopher Leinberger is a few months old, but I just noticed it yesterday. I have now posted a link to the Infrastructurist. That article led me to this article and amazing slide show of a Floridian suburb that has gone bust. A Place of Sense has posted an Ode to Irvington. Yet another new purveyor of food (Nia’s Deli) will open next week on East Washington Street. ...
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