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Thoughts on the New Nature Conservancy Building

The May issue of the Urban Times Newsletter has a story on the new Nature Conservancy building in the Cole-Noble Neighborhood. The paper has a new rendering of the project as well as some new information. Perhaps the most interesting fact is that they are using a large amount of bricks that were salvaged from the NESCO building in their construction. I found it very unfortunate that they bought a building that they didn’t plan on reusing, which is the opposite of green. Salvaging the bricks from the previous building is a pretty smart idea. Unfortunately, it probably doesn’t forgive...
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A Tale of Two Walks

In the past two days, I’ve made some odd short walks. They took place along the same street, Broad Ripple Avenue. On Wednesday, the walk started at Marsh near Keystone Avenue. I was dropped off by my wife who then went on to my friends house, which is located to the north west of the Marsh on Burlington Avenue. I decided to meet her there after buying some essential items. The stores in the strip malls I passed along the way are decent (even if they are not open very late), but the strip malls themselves are simply a couple of concrete boxes. Then, going north on Burlington, the sidewalk...
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West Side Churches

The West Side contains a few churches that harken back to old Europe.  The first is the Bulgarian Orthodox Church: Next, a new feature featuring a video production of the the Romanian Orthodox Church.  Thanks to my friend Mike for putting all of this together: More Pics: Finally, the Catholic Church and Gymnasium on West St Clair Street (Formerly the Slovenian Roman Catholic Church). There was also a Serbian Orthodox Church on the near West Side, but they have moved away from their 16th Street...
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Planet Forward on PBS

Planet Forward is a new user-driven website similar to You Tube, which features a variety of videos from the simple solutions, to the contrarian, to the innovative. I found this website by accident last night, as I happened upon the PBS special that was televised at 8 pm. The program was decent, but as usual, the entire time I was hoping they would touch on land-use and mass transit issues. These issues were not addressed. Still, I like the potential of this website for the sharing of...
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Historic Enclave: Acton

Commenter JG fortold my next Historic enclave. I was in Acton early Easter Morning and took these pictures. Amazingly, there were 2 businesses open at 7 am Easter Morning: a diner, and a small grocery store.  This is the most prominent structure downtown: I.O.O.F. buildings are always a crowd-pleaser: The Address is still...
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