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Map of Indiana’s Green Businesses

Indiana Living Green Magazine has posted a fantastic resource for those interested in finding out which companies in Indiana stand to benefit as we transition towards renewable resources and improving our efficiency.
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Spades Park Library

This is the second of two unrelated posts on the Near East Side (here’s number one). Spades Park is one of only two remaining Carnegie Libraries in the city that is still in use as a Library. The exterior is...
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Before and After: Dorman Street commercial Building

The first of 2 unrelated posts on the near East Side. I was driving past this building when I noticed that it was undergoing major renovation. Here’s what it looked like a few years ago, courtesy of Google Maps: Now, here’s what it looks like today:  Kudos to the restorers for bringing back this...
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More New Links

I’ve been adding more relevant links to the blog lately.  Here’s a run-down if you haven’t seen them: A Place of Sense.  A blog by frequent commenter Graeme. Indy Cog.  Exciting new bicycle blog. Indy Tilth.  Blog and website about sustainability issues.  A nice resource to have if you are looking to start new projects. Earth House Collective.  I have not visited the Earth House yet, but they host some intriguing programs. Really Really Free Market.  A monthly market to share goods, located at the Earth House. I try to keep my link list fresh, and I visit the...
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Smart Growth Indy

Sometimes, it’s funny what can fall in your lap when you have a blog. I was sent an e-mail from a person working on a new site called Smart Growth Indy. The site, and its associated blog, starts with a focus on the area around 22nd and the Monon. I wish them the best of luck in their venture.
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