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Do Wide, Busy Streets cause Temporary Architecture?

The empty Starbucks at Fall Creek and College is a fine example of temporary architecture. The building dates from 2005, and is already becoming a burden to a neighborhood that does not need another one. There was cautious optimism when the Starbucks first opened, however, as they employed people from the neighborhood. For this, Starbucks is to be commended. However, my main problem is with the building itself. The building failed to engage the street, and could have been right at home on any random suburban thoroughfare. The business was dependent on commuters speeding down Fall Creek or College...
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Yesterday I was in the UNWA neighborhood (United North West). Here are my photos: Southwest Corner of Harding and Roach: Beautiful brickwork on the North West corner: I had planned on only featuring this corner for now. However, I happend to find this stunner on the way back. This old fire station at Udell and Rader Streets deserves to be documented: Another surprise, a block east on Udell. A nicely-restored two story. I’m not sure what is in this building, but the front door mentions that it’s a safe haven: Across the street, my heart aches for this classic house: And surprise! Two...
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Promote Your Neighborhoods

Recently, I’ve been exploring Indy’s less well-known neighborhoods, and have been finding some real gems. Starting with my post on the Southwest side earlier this month, digging deeper has been quite rewarding. The next surprising neighborhood I’ve found is on the near South Side containing the exquisite Sacred Heart church. One block east is the remarkably cool entrance to the Vollrath Tavern. A few steps to the east of this is a pedestrian bridge over Madison Avenue. That’s right, a pedestrian bridge. The only other (non-gerbil tubed) pedestrian bridge in town that...
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New Hope for 2 Downtown Buildings

Property Lines has updated us with news on a couple of troubled buildings Downtown. The Illinois Building, which has been vacant since 2003, has a pending meeting between Halakar Properties and the City regarding tax abatements for redevelopment as first floor retail and apartments. The McQuat Building, which has been vacant for much longer, is owned by Uptown Realty Investors, which hopes to renovate the structure, in addition to adding a new low-rise on their property next...
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Fine Profile of Near East Siders making a difference

The NUVO has posted an inspiring article about a group of people on the Near East Side that are working on improving the community through farming and affordable healthy foods.
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