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A Teachable Moment

It was bound to happen eventually. News of the latest home builder to close shop has given us a chance to reflect on the model of suburban tract housing. IBJ’s News Talk poses an important question: –What will become of Morgan neighborhoods, many of which are little more than rows of poor-man’s drywall castles? Will they, like tail fins, be viewed as vestiges of a super-sized America? Or will they, as was the case through much of this decade, be sought out for the sheer room for the buck? A related question: Will Morgan houses ever attract urban pioneers of the distant future?...
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Just a Snapshot in Time

I’ve been thinking recently at our moment in time. Studies such as this about Antarctic Glaciers melting away can be quite alarming. However, I believe that we need to realize the only constant on our planet is change. Mankind will have to adapt, and I believe that we have the capacity to do so. After all, humans existed at a time when the ground underneath my feet was once underneath a thick sheet of ice. Long before that, this land was at the bottom of the ocean. The continent we know as North America was once attached to Europe. The magnetic poles that we rely on heavily have flipped...
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Places with Atmosphere, Part II

Well, the first post took off more than I expected, so I feel that I should post a follow-up.  I didn’t mean for the list to be exhaustive, and I also feared a North Side bias.  However, I agree with most of the choices of the responders, and many of them are on the North Side.  Without further ado, Part II of Places with Atmosphere: Shallo’s.  Yes, it’s difficult to find.  Yes, it’s in a part of town that I avoid at all costs.  However, they have succeeded in creating a place worth the effort. Brugge.  Get there early.  Drink good beer and eat good...
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UPDATE: Irvington Streetscape Project

Commenter Graeme has updated me about the Irvington Streetscape Project, which has cleared a major funding hurdle. Good news here.
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Big Hat Books

Big Hat Books recently completed a move from Westfield Blvd to 6510 Cornell.  This is a new construction, and I believe they did a great job with it. Of course, they have the same friendly staff.  The building also contains a clothing store called...
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