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Update: The Trail Side proposal has been posted

Urban Times has now posted the story. The rendering is by A2SO4. Sadly, the part that jumps out at me is the brick stairwell, which screams “public housing project” to me. Otherwise, this could be a solid infill project.
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Randomly Miscellaneous, Part II for January

And here I thought it would be a slow month. It seems like relevant material has been coming fast and furious, so here’s a new rundown. A new Task Force has been created to formulate a plan for Transit in Central Indiana. Mass Ave may get one of its “missing teeth” filled in, next to the Barton Tower. The Print version of Urban Times is out, and it’s a doozy. Renderings for the mixed-use project at the East End of Mass Ave are included. I have added links to the local Sustainable Food Examiner and Green Broad Ripple. I’ve also fixed to the link to the...
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Winona: A symbol of a larger issue

The failure of the sale for the site of the Former Winona Hospital points to a larger issue that this blog has not yet touched on. It’s an issue that would probably be explained better by The Urbanophile, but I’ll attempt to weigh in here. The issue is: large older buildings that have outlived their usefulness, but are not attractive enough to garner support for rescuing them. I believe that this problem will occur with greater frequency in the near future. Few organizations will want to pay for the demolition costs; however, a large empty building is certainly not ideal. I believe...
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Excellent News for the Office of Sustainability

The fledgling Office of Sustainability has recieved a generous donation to help them get off the ground.  There isn’t much else for me to say about this.  Great news.
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Personal Goals Applied to the City as it Exists

There’s been quite a discussion over on Skyscraper City about mobility in this city; mainly over our dependence on our cars in Indianapolis and if we should continue to head down that path for our development. This issue is of great interest to me. It gets to the root of the actual reason that I started this blog almost two years ago. I have a goal that I would like to be able to live in this city without a car. I live in a walkable neighborhood, take the bus to work (almost) daily, and have a decent bicycle, yet I still have not relinquished my automobile. If I want to visit a friend, go to...
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